Off the Beaten Track


Starting Point: Mpulungu, Zambia End Point: Bujumbura, Burundi Approximately 750kms over 25 days

A Vioolsdrift Border (blue) to B Cederberg (red) B Cederberg (red) to C Cape Town (green) C Cape Town (green) to D Cape Agulhas (yellow) D Cape Agulhas (yellow) to E Knysna (purple) E Knysna (purple) to F Plettenberg Bay (teal) F Plettenberg Bay (teal) to G Grahamstown (blue)  G Grahamstown (blue) to H Hogsback (red) H Hogsback (red) to I Bulungula (green) I Bulungula (green) to J Port Edward (yellow) J Port Edward (yellow) to B Umhlanga (purple) B Umhlanga (purple) to C Ballito (teal) C Ballito (teal) to D Pietermaritzburg (blue) D Pietermaritzburg (blue) to E/H Nelspruit (red) E/H Nelspruit (red) to F Paul Kruger Gate (yellow) F Paul Kruger Gate (Kruger Park) (yellow) to G Malelane Gate (Kruger Park) (purple) G Malelane Gate (Kruger Park) (purple) to E/H Nelspruit (red) Lowveld Loop from Nelspruit –… Read More

A Trans Kalahari Border (blue) to B Windhoek (red) B Windhoek (red) to C Swakopmund (green) C Swakopmund (green) to D Sesriem (yellow) D Sesriem (yellow) to E Sossusvlei (purple) D Sesriem (yellow) to F along Route D707 (teal) F along Route D707 (teal) to G Luderitz (blue)  G Luderitz (blue) to H Ais-Ais (red) H Ais-Ais (red) – I Noordoewer Border control Border (green)

A Ramokawebana/Plumtree Border (blue) to B Francistown (red) B Francistown (red) to C Turnoff for Kubu Island (grey) C Turnoff for Kubu Island (grey) to Kubu Island (green)  Kubu Island (green) to A Turnoff to Maun (grey) A Turnoff to Maun (grey) to B Nxai Pan (yellow) B Nxai Pan (yellow) to C Baines Baobabs (purple)  C Baines Baobabs (purple) to D Maun (teal) D Maun (teal) – E Mamuno/Trans-Kalahari Border (blue)

A Kariba Border (blue) to B Harare (green) – 370km of good tar and takes approximately 5 hours. Make sure you stop at Lions Den butchery between Karoi and Chinhoyi – best biltong in Zimbabwe! B Harare (green) to C Nyanga (yellow) – 300km of good tar and takes almost 5 hours. Be sure to stop at Halfway House on the road to Rusape. World View in Nyanga is not to be missed! C Nyanga (yellow) to D Mutare (purple) – 110km of good tar and takes around 1:30… Read More

A Chipata/Mchinji Border (blue) to B Chipata – 20kms, half an hour with the border, easy driving and good tar B/D Chipata (red) to C South Luangwa (green) – 160kms, 2.5 hours, this road used to be awful but they have tarred most of it now and were finishing off the final stretch in December 2013 C South Luangwa (green) to B/D Chipata (red) – see above, in reverse B/D Chipata (red) to E Bridge Camp (yellow) – 340kms, 4.5 hours, the roads are excellent but… Read More

A Songwe Border to B Chitimba Camp – 135kms, this is perfect tar but driving is limited at 80kms per hour and often slower due to the number of people and animals walking along either side of the road  – read about this section here B Chitimba to C Nkhata Bay – 178kms, good tar all the way. This takes quite a long time as the road breaks away from the lake shore and… Read More

Nairobi (blue) to Arusha (red) – 170 miles (5 hours, great road, border crossing easy) – read about this stretch here Arusha to Tabora (green) – 392 miles (they were doing road works near Arusha, good tar to Singida and then patchy gravel road to Tabora) this took around 10 hours… – read about this stretch here Tabora to Katavi (yellow) – 275 miles (this road is very do-able but incredibly slow. It… Read More

TOUR WITH ABSOLUTE AFRICA Nairobi (blue) to Arusha (red) – 170 miles (5 hours, great road, border crossing easy) Arusha to Ngorongoro (green) – 130 miles (4 hours, slow going nearer the crater) – see post here Ngorongoro to Serengeti (yellow) – 65 miles (9 hours, horrendous road crater to park gate, pole pole game drive) – see post here Serengeti back to Arusha (red) – 200 miles (7 hours – hectic corrugations… Read More

TOUR WITH SAFARI WILDZ Kampala (blue) to Jinja (red) – 50 miles (1.5 hours easy driving) – see my rafting post here Jinja to Bwindi Gorillas (green) – 340 miles (16 hours, roadworks for half the way…) – see my gorillas post here Bwindi back to Kampala (blue) – 290 miles (15 hours, roadworks, don’t try do a 16 hour and a 15 hour journey within 3 days, it’s no fun)

Nairobi (blue) to Naivasha (red) – 58 miles (1.5 hours, beautiful escarpment road) – see post here Naivasha to Narok (green) – 80 miles (2 hours good roads all the way) – see post here Narok to crash site (yellow) – 5 miles (wish I hadn’t missed that damn turnoff…)

Mombasa (blue) to Diani Beach (red) – 23 miles (1 hour due to Likoni Ferry) – see post here Diani Beach to Tsavo East (green) – 144 miles (5 hours through the Shimba Hills) – see post here Tsavo East to Tsavo West (yellow) – 83 miles (4 hours pole pole game drive) – see post here Tsavo West to Amboseli (purple) – 82 miles (5 hours – horrendous road!) – see… Read More