Route Through Tanzania

Nairobi (blue) to Arusha (red) – 170 miles (5 hours, great road, border crossing easy) – read about this stretch here

Arusha to Tabora (green) – 392 miles (they were doing road works near Arusha, good tar to Singida and then patchy gravel road to Tabora) this took around 10 hours… – read about this stretch here

Tabora to Katavi (yellow) – 275 miles (this road is very do-able but incredibly slow. It had been dry and so the roads were ok, very bumpy 20km/h driving. Wouldn’t like to do this in the rainy season!) Stopping for photos and taking it chilled, this took almost 12 hours  – read about this stretch here

Katavi to Kipili LakeShore Lodge (purple) – 93 miles (took things slow as we completed the game drive through Katavi, roads quite corrugated for a long time and you’re not able to drive at pace, last stretch down to Kipili is a beautiful escarpment road) this took around 4 hours – read about this stretch here

Kipili LakeShore Lodge to Sumbawanga (teal) – 92 miles (ok dirt road) took 3 hours – read about this part here

Sumbawanga to Mbeya (blue) – 210 miles (first 40 miles are being rebuilt this road so it should be great in a few months, the rest was great tar, extremely congested with trucks near Tunduma due to Zambian border) took 5 hours – read about this part here

Mbeya to Songwe Malawi Border (red) – 70 miles (great tar all the way, absolutely beatufiul drive down the escarpment into Malawi) took 2 hours – SPEED COPS THE ENTIRE WAY (they sit in the many 50km/h zones) – read about this part here

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