Shipping to Africa

Shipping my Land Cruiser

My Land Cruiser was shipped from London to Mombasa.

I used Wise Moves Shipping in London and highly recommend them (my friend Bruce used them to get his LC to Africa, Mike S is using them to ship his stuff from London back to SA and I’m using them for my London to Aus move too).

They were the only company prepared to deal with me as I had a roof top tent which made the vehicle too high for a normal container – so guess what, we took it off and placed it in front of the vehicle – who would have thought!  The company also deal with getting the hazardous goods certificate which you need as the vehicle is carrying diesel and oil etc.  You can’t ship any additional oils, gas canisters etc – all this can be bought on arrival in Africa.  My Land Cruiser was loaded up into a container in Acton, West London, and it took 6 weeks for it to get to Mombasa.

Multiple Solutions (contact Kennedy) handled the customs on Mombasa side – this is all arranged by Wise Moves in London, but you will be dealing with them by email too.

Both these companies did a sterling job and the process was straightforward and hassle free.


£1730 to ship the Land Cruiser in a 20 foot container

£175 Marine Insurance (vehicle and goods valued at £5000)

£97.10 UK customs happened to open up my container for inspection and this was the additional charge for checking the container.

$1350 Mombasa Port (port charges, destination shipping charges, clearing fees, foreign permit, re-position of empty container) – payable once vehicle comes into port

Total Shipping Costs £2883

6 Comments on “Shipping to Africa

  1. hi, just been reading your blog with interest about your shipping into Mombasa. we are currently in the midst of doing the same thing… or trying to. that foreign permit you speak of,.. is that the TEMPORARY IMPORTATION PERMIT. we are told we need that permit as the passage de carnet is not effective from the port. we are not sure if this is correct though.
    i see it also takes 6 weeks. which route did the ship go?? through the canal or round south africa?? and was there a choice?
    we were hoping to get our car to the docks last friday so it could leave this saturday, but so far all we have heard is that the mombasa customs wont give us clearance. our flight for the 9th Sept is already booked, so we dont want to change now.
    good luck with your trip, maybe we might come across each other in the future… under the great african skies. night. cheryl and bob kovarskis… australia

    • This is correct Cheryl, I have a carnet (organised in the UK) and was also issued with a temporary import permit from the port in Mombasa. The ship went through Suez – no choice I don’t imagine. I had a lot of trouble withe the customs guys in port – especially as I had some “new” gear and spare parts, they wanted to charge a huge amount for bringing this in. Spares are readily available (most things are). If you have any “new stuff”,scuff it and make it look used!! Fly on that day, the ship may be delayed but head down the coast for a few days to chill out, head up to Mombasa once it arrives and be prepared to wait around 5-7 days of back and forth before they release it. Do you have a website or blog? Safe trip and keep us posted!

  2. Hi, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the reply… interesting to see what we could be in for!!!
    Did you have an agent at the Mombasa end??? we have an agent and just HOPING he will get through all this stuff. (guess we’ll find that out when we get there). We finally got the word on Wednesday and took our car to the port that day… so (hopefully) it is now on it’s way.
    Apart from spares and tools, we also have a fair bit of medical equipment, but we also have a letter saying asking for tax excemption. we did that last year, so we know how frustrating it can be.
    yes we do have a website: which i hope to keep updated as we go along. Is very useful to watch those who travel before us to see how they get on… can learn a lot.
    hope it gets easier for you as you go along.

      • G’day Benjamin. Seems to be a bit of confusion here. Took me a while to figure it out. You have read a reply we wrote in the Under African Skies blog. They were from London…. Bob and myself are from Australia, so our car was shipped to and from Oz. … So I can’t help you with the London side. Their website is Under African Skies, ours is 12th of sorry I can’t help you, hope you get it sorted.

      • Hi Benjamin, yes it is possible to ship from Mombasa to London. Let me know if you require details.

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