Inspirational People

“We need the tonic of wildness…At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.”
― Henry David ThoreauWalden: Or, Life in the Woods

Here is a list of people who have inspired me over the past few years – I hope they inspire you to do great things with your life too.

Dave LeonLeon McCarron & Dave Cornthwaite – these two inspirational film-making characters have chosen to walk over 1000 miles through the Israel, Jordan and Sinai. Walk the Masar is a circumnavigation on foot, through the heart the Middle East, finding stories of hope and positivity. They set off in December 2015 and hope to spend 3 months on the road. Worth the follow!



Walking the Nile – hampered by robbery, tragedy, swamps and war, Levison Wood has walked from Rwanda to Egypt along the Nile, raising awareness for four incredible charities. Click here to read the most detailed account. Lev’s journey will be aired on Channel 4 in 2015. December 2015: Lev has just completed a walk across the Himalayas – to be aired 27th December 2015. Facebook and Twitter accounts here.


643168_0_sean-conway-running-britain-runwithsean_267Sean Conway – this bearded fellow South African / Zimbabwean has biked, swum and finally completed the running leg of his ‘Length of Britain Triathlon’. Sean’s journey was aired on Discovery Channel in July 2015. December 2015: Sean is currently doing a length of Britain Sail.

Follow Sean’s adventures on Instagram @sean_conway or on his website.



Alastair Humphreys – following many years of crazy adventures, Alastair has decided to take a year out and inspire people to start their own mini-adventures. He has coined the phrase “microadventure” and encourages everyday folk to find small and exciting ways to keep the spirit of unexpected undertakings alive, like randomly sleeping under the stars. Alastair is a motivational speaker and writes for magazines such as Wanderlust, amongst others. Follow him on twitter @Al_Humphreys or go and visit his website for awesome tips and addictive inspiration.



Gunther Holtorf – now at the tender age of 76, Gunther has finally settled down. 27 years ago, he and his late wife Christine hopped into Otto, their trusty Mercedes Benz G Wagon, and proceeded to travel 880,000km through 177 countries. Gunther doesn’t have a blog, sponsorship or Facebook page but you can watch an inspiring clip of his wonderful journey here and read a great account of his travels with Otto here.



Expedition 720 – Angelo Wilkie-Pages is attempting to circumnavigate the globe twice, crossing all lines of latitude and longitude using only human power (no sails, no motors, no solar), to raise awareness and funds for Heifer International SA.  Blog and Website and Facebook.



Fat Kid on a Bike – incredible story about Ron Rutland, a South African to raise money for cancer research in memory of his friend Lettie. Starting in South Africa, Ron is cycling through every country in Africa on his way up to the UK in time for the start of the Rugby World Cup – and is hoping to cycle to each Springbok game. An absolute inspiration!  Blog and Website and Facebook.


wpid-CK-coetzee2Hendri Coetzee – on researching the Zambezi, I have only recently found the story about this daring kayaker. A boy from a small town down the road from where I grew up in South Africa, he pushed the limits doing what he loved most. It’s one of the most compelling stories I’ve read in ages. His expedition along the Congo River, running rapids no one had done before, is remembered in the adventure film Kadoma. Read about his incredible life here.


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