South Africa Stats & Expenses

Data from February 2014

Ave Exchange Rate: £1.00 = ZAR17.5

Driving and Fuel

Total Distance: 3084 miles (4934 km)

Driving Days: 14 days  (Ave 220miles/day or 352km/day)

Price of Diesel: ZAR14.00/l  (£0.79/l)

Total Spent on Diesel: £650

Vehicle Maintenance: £222 (service and replace gearbox throttle position sensor)

Accommodation & Graze

Camping:  1 night  (Ave £5/night)

Friends:  35 nights  (thanks so much to family and friends – sister Kelly; cousins Ant & Jen Ciro, Christina Strathmore, Lloyd & Donna Dillon, Mike Dillon & Tanya Crampton, and friends Ashleigh Peta, and Carla & Leopold Grobler )

Backpackers:  5 nights (Ave £8-10/night dorm, £15 for a single room)

Food (incl Eating Out, Groceries, Drinks, Roadside):  £230

Staying Connected

Vodacom Airtime and Data Bundles: £78  (over a month, lots of blogging!)

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