Kenya Stats & Expenses

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Data from August to November 2013

Ave Exchange Rate: £1.00 = KES134

Driving and Fuel

Total Distance: 1021 miles (1633 km)

Driving Days: 12 days  (Ave 85miles/day or 136km/day)

Price of Diesel: KES135/l  (£0.78/l)

Total Spent on Diesel: £323

Vehicle Maintenance: £70 (not including everything to do with the crash…)

Accommodation & Graze

Camping:  6 nights  (Ave £5/night   Camping in the National Parks – £30/night)I

Friends:  68 nights  (showeeee – thank goodness for friends!  Boris Polo, Mike Diesbeque, Chris & Lovat Carnelley, Luke Davey & Chloe Flatt, Justin Aniere & Isabelle Quesada, Rob Dodson)

Backpackers:  10 nights (Ave £10/night)

Hotel: 11 nights  (Ave 100/night)

Lodges:  4 nights (uh, silly ridiculous amounts of ££)

Food (incl Eating Out, Groceries, Drinks, Roadside):  £1303  (over 99 days – Ave £13/day)

Park Fees

Tsavo East & Tsavo West: US$ 65/day entry,  US$15/night camping in park

Amboseli:  US$80/day entry, US$30 camping in park  (I camped just outside for £5/night)

Crater Lake: KES1900 (£15/day)

Staying Connected

Safaricom Airtime and Data Bundles: £105  (over the course of around 4 months)

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