Tanzania Roadtrip Video

Journeying through Tanzania was all too brief and I have no doubt I will be back to explore this incredible country in more depth. Descending into the Ngorongoro Crater, where I would witness one of earth’s most unique ecosystems, was beyond extraordinary. The animals roam within their amphitheatre without a care in the world. Beyond the crater walls I passed briefly through the world of the Maasai. I sensed that they felt compelled to live a life on show – exposing their homes, their life and their children, in exchange for the money that tourists bring. I did get a sense that they would be better off without us as they are ultimately losing their nomadic ways in exchange for a quick buck. Onwards to the Serengeti where the plains opened up and were littered with wildebeest, buffalo and zebra as far as the horizon. I can’t describe the sheer volume of wildlife. My time in the Serengeti was days too short. After consulting the maps it was decided that I would veer off the beaten track. A few days and one passenger later, I left Arusha and took roads less travelled, traversing west towards Lake Tanganyika through Singida, Tabora, Mpanda and Katavi National Park. What an absolutely increidlbe adventure!