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January 2013: It’s taken the better part of two years to plan the route.  There have been 5 meticulously planned “North to South” routes thus far, covering both the East and West side of Africa; new plans brought about by a few minor events; the Syrian war, the overthrowing of Egyptian presidents and the killing of certain war lords.  Nothing like the Arab Spring to throw plans off slightly.

I have settled on the Eastern route which is the safest at the moment, and covers countries that I feel are most worthy of exploration and discovery.  The route has been largely mapped out on Tracks4Africa, a digital mapping tool, along with old-school pen on Michelin maps.

May 2013: Following a few minor setbacks, I have decided to ship the Beast to Mombasa and start my journey in Kenya – a gut wrenching decision as I so badly wanted to drive the distance…


I had hoped to trace the current route over this one but google maps is limited in this aspect. Work in progress. Needless to say, you can see each route by clicking on the Route Maps tag.

If you’re unable to see the map below (iPhone doesn’t seem to like it much), please click here.


Africa Overland Network – list of past, present and future expeditions

Ferry Crossing

Information on Ferry from Turkey to Egypt – thread from The Hubb

Where to Go at What Time of Year

Cool website showing where best to visit by month – Yellow Zebra Safaris

Foreign Travel Advice

Click here to see an update on travel advise to various countries

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