Route Through Zambia

A Chipata/Mchinji Border (blue) to B Chipata – 20kms, half an hour with the border, easy driving and good tar

B/D Chipata (red) to C South Luangwa (green) – 160kms, 2.5 hours, this road used to be awful but they have tarred most of it now and were finishing off the final stretch in December 2013

C South Luangwa (green) to B/D Chipata (red) – see above, in reverse

B/D Chipata (red) to E Bridge Camp (yellow) – 340kms, 4.5 hours, the roads are excellent but there is a bit of an escarpment near Bridge Camp which slows things down 

E Bridge Camp (yellow) to F Lusaka (purple) – 240kms, 3 hours, great roads so easy riding on flat tar

F Lusaka (purple) to G Kariba Border (teal) – 184kms, 2.5 hours. The road to the Kariba Border is decent but slightly older and narrower than the main roads I’d been on. Most of the traffic heads straight for the Chirindu Border so this road isn’t a major one. Whilst the Kariba route is a litre longer, it’s quieter and the border is a breeze with no trucks 

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