TSAVO EAST TO TSAVO WEST, KENYA 2nd – 3rd August 2013 See more photos on Facebook here. The next morning Dan, Ivan, Anneloes and Fay went off for an early game drive and I stayed behind to sorted out a few bits and pieces not quite right with the packing arrangement in the Beast. (It would take me almost a week of fiddling with the boxes and equipment, moving things around so that the most… Read More

SHIMBA HILLS TO TSAVO EAST, KENYA 1st August 2013 Check out more photos on Facebook here. After stocking up with last minute snacks and food at Nakumatt for my 4-5 day game drive, I headed down the long sultry coast road of Diani. Past the ladders above the road for the Colobus monkeys, the dreaded unannounced speed bumps, Shakatack and the sign down to Forty Thieves – how does one grow to… Read More

[17th August] I must apologise for the lack of blogging, but life on the road is hard work. I didn’t quite realise just how much time driving, sightseeing and daily camping routines would consume. But I have time now, and so with diary open, my fingers should fly over the keyboard. MOMBASA, KENYA 26th – 30th July 2013 The past few days have been frustrating, but this is Africa, and it has… Read More

Unfortunately for those keen to follow this trip, I don’t write very well and have no copywriter to help make my entries more embellished or intelligible.  I will struggle to keep up with my fellow trans African bloggers who so effortlessly weave wit and humour into their notes.  There is no magic instagram filter to enhance my ramblings, so  you will have to put up with undisguised and ordinary accounts of daily… Read More

And today the journey begins… I’ve had a pretty good send off… ski trip, pool parties, braais, the Northcote, the Ship, golf days, cricket, Wimbledon tennis, Hurlingham polo, theatre shows, Inferno 30ths, weekends away, cards & cocktails in Roehampton towers, 11 hour marathon shithead sessions, table tennis into the night, runs (some in colour), festivals, beer pong and giant cards at the Wandle… and it’s all been thanks to my incredible friends who… Read More

It will come to those who know me as no surprise, I am always late… and leaving for this trip is no exception. I was supposed to leave 2 years ago, but following a few set backs and hold ups along the way, the blue Beast is finally on it’s way to Mombasa. I had high hopes of driving from my home in SW London all the way to Cape Town via… Read More

One of the first questions many people ask when talking about my adventures is “Why are you doing this?” or “What is the purpose?”. I never seem to have a great answer lined up… if you’ve never had the urge to do what I do, then I don’t know how to describe the compulsion I have to explore. It’s something I can’t explain. Is it nature or nurture that makes one’s appetite for seeing… Read More

Opening line to the Overlanders Handbook… “The decision to undertake a long overland journey in a vehicle can germinate from a moment’s inspiration, a decision to take on ‘The Big Trip’ after a successful series of lesser journeys, or just the plain old desire to cut loose from the regimented lives many of us lead, and have a big adventure.” My decision was made on the top of Kilimanjaro in 2008…  why the… Read More

PLAN A “Go West”, they sing! Following fellow travelers Kirk and Dale’s trip in 2010 (SawubonAfrica), I had decided that they were getting to see much of “real Africa” – taking in both the West and Eastern sides before heading down South. Super plan! I would follow a very similar route and drive from London, through Spain to the Straight of Gibraltar before cruising through Morocco, Senegal, Mali, down Western Africa and… Read More

After over a year of searching for a trusty 4×4 that would meet the demands of an epic adventure such as this, I stumbled upon this beast of a Land Cruiser, basking in the Surrey sun. With 4 new hard core takkie tyres for rough roads, leather seats and intercooler system for those long hot days in Mama Africa, and a built-in winch for getting out of sticky situations off the beaten… Read More