Leaving London, UK

And today the journey begins…

I’ve had a pretty good send off… ski trip, pool parties, braais, the Northcote, the Ship, golf days, cricket, Wimbledon tennis, Hurlingham polo, theatre shows, Inferno 30ths, weekends away, cards & cocktails in Roehampton towers, 11 hour marathon shithead sessions, table tennis into the night, runs (some in colour), festivals, beer pong and giant cards at the Wandle… and it’s all been thanks to my incredible friends who have been on amazing form over the past few months.

Helen (sorry this list is not alphabetised…), Mikey, Phil, Jane, Aaron, Bassy, Psycho, Gazellie, Sal, Cath, Marky, Green, Smithy, Schmiks, Baarrr, the Judges, Truts, Kristina, Von, Bon, Lorry, Laura, Beccy, Amy, Joe, Liiiiiiiina Jenkins, Fi, Pix, Tummy, Nix, Tinx, Lin, Kez, Suse, Wiilie, Corras & Amy – you need a very special mention for putting up with my FOMO, my relentless need to see you all constantly, and my endless attempts to have “the final big one” (over and over again…)

After 12 years in London, I leave; content and fulfilled, optimistic about the future and super charged for the stretch of road just ahead.  Friends, you make me who I am and will all continue to be at the forefront of my thoughts throughout this journey.

It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

8 Comments on “Leaving London, UK

  1. Sha, I am WILD that you are finally on your way. Enjoy every friggen moment of it – you deserve to! Good things come to those…. We will be praying for you lots. Keep the blogging up and post some photo’s for goodness sake! When do you arrive in Perth? Grace cant wait to meet her “Aunty Sha”. Sending stax of love – The Aussie Dixons! xxxx

    • Thanks my girl, and I hope YOUR new adventure is just as exciting – how is baby Grace? Can’t wait to meet her! Should be in Aus early next year, haven’t decided between Perth or Melbourne yet, leaning more towards Perth to be near good friends (and fam!) but Melbourne’s probably more what I’m after right now 🙂 Love to Gaz and Grace x

  2. Hi Sha, will be sending you lots of good luck and good karma to you on your trip. It is an amazing thing you are doing, I know you will enjoy it, speaking for myself – I feel a little green of envy – be free and glorious with every mile. love the Gonin’s

  3. Being top of the list makes up for it not being alphabetical!

    Stay safe, we want lots of updates xx

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