Taming the Beast, UK

After over a year of searching for a trusty 4×4 that would meet the demands of an epic adventure such as this, I stumbled upon this beast of a Land Cruiser, basking in the Surrey sun. With 4 new hard core takkie tyres for rough roads, leather seats and intercooler system for those long hot days in Mama Africa, and a built-in winch for getting out of sticky situations off the beaten track, it is perfect steed for overlanding and exactly what I was after.

Since then, the beast has spent many a day out in Hereford with the Land Cruiser guru that is Julian Voelcker, who has given it a full overhaul and has completely pimped it out ready for the journey that awaits.  An axle rebuild to withstand the weight of all our katunda, new brakes for dust billowing stops in front of unsuspecting persons or wildlife, new suspension for those ruts and corrugations and snorkel for swimming through rivers like an elephant. Much happiness and Land Cruiser love ensued following this purchase.


6 Comments on “Taming the Beast, UK

  1. Wow, will follow your trail, enjoy, you are invited to a Boere braai here in Cape Town.

    • Hey Leon – awesome times – I’ll be in Cape Town November / December time. My sister lives in Cape Town so can’t wait to cruise in and see everyone there!! Will keep you all posted! Take care, Shara

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  3. hey, i like your trip and your car a lot. what are you planning to with in when you arrive in south africa? i’m planning a trip in the opposite direction starting in january and we still need a car.

    hope to hear form you.

    • Where are you based? If you do get a car, I highly recommend a Toyota Landcruiser. I was hit by a bus last week and am alive today because of the car. It’s in with Toyota Kenya being repaired as we speak. I will be selling the LC on arrival in SA to someone driving back up or will ship it back and sell it in the UK (for carnet reasons it does need to go back to the UK) – PLEASE do the trip if you are thinking of it – my time so far has been absolutely incredible! Keep following and I’ll keep posting!

  4. Hey Sara, you have a incredibly interesting blog. Found you on ig. Did you get a brand new land cruiser for the journey or overhauled a used one? I believe it proved it’s worth on such an arduous journey. Following your blog and if.

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