Overlanding Community

Planning a trip of this magnitude is no easy feat… hours of planning and consideration has to go into every aspect of the trip.  It’s taken me over a year and a half to get this far…

Useful Information is freely available, mostly by other overlanders’ blogs and websites.  

The overlanding community are helpful beyond words and you’ll find a wealth of information from joining forums and talking to those who have gone before. Here are some that I have found super useful:

The Colonel’s Journal (2013) – good mates Christa and Grant heading out from London to SA.  Damn! I’m supposed to be with them right now! – click here

O’Siyeza (2013) – Jules and Chris traveling from London to Cape – an excellent read! – click here

Cruising to Cape Town (2013) – follow Freddie and Walter down, another good read and some hairy moments! – click here

Family in Africa (finished mid 2013) – family of 5 traveling London to SA, lots of useful waypoints and costs – click here

Enzo’s 4×4 Café (ongoing) – Enzo lives in East Africa and does plenty of trips – click here

Langabaan Sunset (2012) – Nick Bradshaw traveled London to SA and has tons of useful info on budgets, medical, importing into SA, waypoints etc – click here

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