The Hardest Part of Travelling

This piece was not written by myself but I couldn’t have said it better. The words epitomise a strong undercurrent I have been feeling for a while. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, that yearning I still feel five months after completing my trip.

If you’ve ever traveled extensively or taken a journey into the unknown, welcome to the group of lost individuals who will never be truly understood.  Read below…

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The Hardest Part of Travelling that No One Talks About by Kellie Donnelley


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  3. I have traveled alone for over twenty years. I wouldn’t give anything for the experiences that I have had. I have been to every continent except Antarctica. What keeps most people from traveling is Fear. Of the unknown or of people different than they are.I haven’t found people to be different any where. It’s what you make of it. If you are going to judge, stay home. It has done more for my self confidence than anything else in my life!

    • I’m in my early 20s and it’s my dream to travel the world and go to all the places and experience all the things on my bucket list (it’s very long). I don’t have a fear of the unknown, or a fear of the people who are different than I. It’s actually quite the opposite, I love people and I always seek to make new friends. But my fear lies with money. I fear that I can’t travel the world without a penny to my name. How will I afford accommodation, food, shelter, visas (if needed). If you could share your experiences about these sorts of things, that would be very much appreciated.

      • Start by learning about couchsurfing, if you’re not scared to people, then hitchhike, try dumpster diving for food! Money is the ultimate excuse not to travel. Worst case scenario, find a job for a couple of months wherever you are and after you earn a bit, keep going!! Nothing can stop you if you want it enough 🙂 (nothing has stopped me so far). I’d recommend the Facebook group Nomads – a life of cheap/free travel. There’s a lot of resourceful people there that will clear all of your doubts!

      • I always book a flight first, usually when a deal is on, once you have a flight booked then you know your going and you begin to take the necessary steps to save a prepare for your trip, it’s a lot easier to stop yourself from spending on unecessary things when your already booked in

    • I agree with you completely. I have worked on 5 Continents, visited 6 Continents. I have not been to Africa, but hope to one day.

      Governments around the world create lots of problems. Even the mist evil governments, have Great Citizens.

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  6. Post travel blues eh? Fully sympathise with the sentiments in this piece and after completing a 35,000 mile motorcycle trip through the Americas my wife and I underwent the same emotions on our return. We even began to dread the question “so what was it like?” It is so difficult to explain or portray what the trip ‘was like’ to people who want only really a short answer before they move on to the next topic of conversation. My solution was to prepare presentation material to depict the journey and then offer this to anyone was interested. This then led to two books on our travels and through all of these mediums I was able to get across ‘what it was really like’, the highs and lows, the excitement, the bruises and so on of a trip of this duration. To avoid turning the whole show into some business activity we decided from the outset that it should not be something that we would profit from financially but would do for the love of it and to inspire other people into going out and chasing their dreams. We continue to donate all speakers fees and book sale profit to Cancer Research UK, our nominated charity for the trip. This has brought untold personal rewards (mental and emotional) that we never could have predicted before we decided to embark on the venture in the first place. Would highly recommend recording your travels in writing / photography / film and even art / poetry – whatever floats your boat. There is a huge audience out there of armchair travellers who will never get the chance to do tread the paths that some of us have chosen to travel and others who just need a gentle shove to get them on their way! BE INSPIRED!

    • Hi great to read this post, where can I read more about your adventures? I’ve recently become less talkative to those who want a small talk reply about anything I have done, a continuing conundrum. Also recently decided to do London UK bike ride for cancer research alone to push my own fear boundaries, so would like to read inspirational articles of all kinds. Good luck out there and thanks in advance.

  7. I sold up and started traveling at the age of 48. I’d never thought about it before but it seemed like a perfect solution for being tediously bored of the old routine but wanting more. I now don’t have a home to go to and the sense of freedom is incredible. I have met so many amazing people along the way, people I would have never met otherwise. You don’t meet amazing people on the tube going to work, they’re out in the world having adventures….just like me.

  8. Absolutely the hardest part of traveling is rebounding back home. You have changed and they have not. Count yourself lucky if you have people who ask you about the ends of the earth that you have been to: some have NO one who even asks one question about what it was like. Surround yourself with fellow travelers. Actually, the world is divided between those who travel and those who do not. And yes, it permeates every cell in your body. Relish in the fact that you are different and that places call you: there is a reason for that word calling. Either you make an impact or someone makes an impact on you. There are no accidents. You are where you are supposed to be. Yield to the calling to go again.

  9. I agree and disagree.
    I travelled a lot myself. I also lived for quite a while in different countries. Last time for more than 2 years in Costa Rica.
    It’s true that I changed a lot and also that I want to leave again.
    Because I’m curious and I found a different kind of living. But running away??
    Of course I feel lost at times.
    But so do I feel when I’m away.
    You can feel understood anywhere. First of all take your power from the inside and do look for fulfilment from the outside.
    And then just surround yourself with like minded people. They are everywhere.
    No one is telling you to stick with your old patterns.
    That’s what all these changes are about.
    Change 🙂
    We think it’s about the places but it’s mainly about ourselves.
    Much love

    • I think you are right…but also if you had not travelled you may have not realused it at are x enlightened..poorer financially most lijely but richer forvtge experience 😆

  10. I love to travel and coming home is always great fun. I love living in England and I feel privileged to have been born there. I also enjoy meeting people in all parts of the world and making new friends. I would say if you feel miserable when you come home then you need to do some soul searching…are you truly happy in your own skin? What are you running from? I can safely I have never felt bad coming home and seeing my friends and family who I love. It’s always fun to plan the next trip away too somewhere far flung. With this in mind I have to say I completely disagree with the article about ‘coming home blues’ … why on Earth would you want to be the centre of attention!? And after a few weeks you feel like no one cares anymore and you’re in your old bedroom?? What a load of tosh..if you’re in your old bedroom how about getting a job and building something for yourself and getting your own place and making a success of your life rather than running away. You can have the best of both worlds

  11. Not only do I believe that life will just return to normal in my small little town… and in my case staying in my job would just lead to existing, which is pretty sad.
    I will not feel content anymore or fulfille, there has to be more to life? which is the question that haunted me day in, day out for a decade atleast!
    I’ve only been travelling for 5 months and I’ve enjoyed every moment, even if I’ve been lost, I knew I had time on my hands. I was in no rush and soon enough I would have found my destination or accommodation.
    I have always wanted to travel and have new experiences, knowing I only have 2 months left saddens me… well yes it’s nice to get in your own bed and see your loved ones but they where the only people keeping me there in the first place. So when I go home I have a job to go back to, I have a home I will still be paying for and the routine will continue. The question is how can I get out of this and travel the world but still have a base. So I feel secure that I have something at home, that I could always return. I say home but I’ve moved 33 times I’ve never had somewhere secure but that’s maybe why I feel I need something tangible that’s mine. Maybe the next 2 months will tell me because I haven’t found the answer yet … maybe I never will … but I will try my bloody best!

  12. Interesting,…after reading that,..I just want to travel more and more… I spend three years in a plane van, from Spain to SA following the west coast, and from SA to Israel …. I couldn’t adapt again..hahaha…then I move to China,..hahaha..I understand you, but I also understand that the people ‘from my place’ can’t understand me.. .. I can’t imagine everybody doing the same I do,… anyway,..we could have a very long conversation about this subject,… just, don’t worry, just enjoy being the new person that you are, and try not forget what you learnt,…don’t let the others make you forget what you learnt

  13. I have had some small trips previously the longest only a month. At my middle twenties however there is the norm to live up to such as getting a good job (sometimes easier said than done), purchasing ur own home, buy that apartment or house and the biggie for some folks, marriage. Despite all of this travelling has always been part of me. My family can even describe that from time to time I get what I like to call itchy feet. That feeling or needing and wanting to get on a plane leading to a different country that I have yet to experience. But time moves on and makes it harder to leave. My absolute dream is to experience all those little hidden treasures of the world that make every culture unique yet humbly the same in its beauty.

  14. Try teaching English as a foreign language.Takes about 1 month to qualify, then you can get money just about anyshere

  15. Traveling is a new window were you can indulge your spirit … eys …. breathing you run away to endlessness with your imagination.. on the other hand a person learns the culture … People attitude.. taste . joviality.. .
    In addition to that if you read the history of the places you will have human attachment to the places​

  16. Travelling is a fun unless one has a feeling of to return back home , whereas the whole concept changes while thinking vice versa .Sometimes feeling of adventure while travelling makes us a lot selfish about ourselves . Actually its not the new places and the long distance we are travelling to, its the time that we are moving into that makes basic changes in our lives .

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