Expedition 2016: Tanganyika Paddle

PLEASE NOTE – I have just returned from this expedition. Blog posts will be out from Monday 27th September. Please do subscribe to the blog if you wish to receive information or check back in a couple of days. You’ll not want to miss it!  Shara

Yes folks, it’s expedition time again. For years I have dreamed about getting a water expedition under my belt and have settlied on paddling the length of the largest freshwater lake in the world – Lake Tanganyika.


I fell in love with this lake after spending a very brief couple of days on it’s shores at Lake Shore Lodge near Kipili during my London2Cape expedition in 2013. The owners, Chris and Louise Horsfall, were the most incredible hosts and moments spent with them, and the crew that were there at the time, ranks highly in my list of epic memories from the journey.

It’s going to be far tougher than anything I have done before. I have done a few multi day expeditions on water, but they have been guided and pretty tame, never paddling for more than 10-20 kilometers per day. This is a little more challenging as I’ll be paddling 30-40kms per day in a single kayak which also limits what I can take on board. Unlike a river journey, there is no flow and so most of the 673km of water will be physically pulled past me with each stroke. Because of the remote nature of the region, I have to be completely self sufficient and will rely on trading with people in the fishing villages for food and supplies.

With no power supply, I will be relying solely on solar panels and will attempt to update my Facebook page Under African Skies, with with short messages where I can using the sat phone.

I’ve been waiting for this for so long and can’t wait to get onto the water.

Onwards to Africa!

Island Kids

Photo Credit: Mat Ward



3 thoughts on “Expedition 2016: Tanganyika Paddle

  1. That’s so blooding epic Shara! I’m heading there myself in Sept/Oct – best of luck and I’m looking forward to following the journey


  2. Heading there on a three week work recce (November to December) Rwenzori, Mbeya and Ruaha mainly.. yes, I’ve been very busy behind the scenes focussing on developing expeditions to East Africa ,which is actually my real job these days – don’t worry once I get my head around it all I’ll be wild camping again like a mad man 🙂

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