The Journey from Kenya to South Africa

9 months brought together in 6 minutes – enjoy the ride!

Here, have some stats…

Individual countries broken down here:  Kenya  Tanzania  Malawi  Zambia  Zimbabwe  Botswana  Namibia  South Africa

DISTANCE DRIVEN: 10,085 miles / 16,136 kms

FUEL: £2,200 to drive 16,000km = 13p per km or £13/100km

VISA FEES: £63 (I was using a UK and SA passport)

ROAD TAX (Border Fees) = £123

FOOD ROADSIDE: £165 / 9 months = £0.60 per day

FOOD GROCERIES: £890 / 9 months = £3.18 per day

FOOD EATING OUT: £1030 / 9 months = £3.81 per day

DRINKS: £385 / 9 months = £1.42 per day

TOTAL FOOD AND DRINK PER DAY: £9.14 (bear in mind 3 months was spent in Diani eating and drinking at Kenyaways!)

CONNECTIVITY (airtime & Wifi): £300

ACCOMMODATION GUEST HOUSE / HUT / HOTEL: £965 (44 nights) = £22/night

ACCOMMODATION CAMPING: £155 (27 nights) = £5.70/night

TOTAL ACCOM = £15.77/night

5 Comments on “The Journey from Kenya to South Africa

  1. Great video! We love Africa and will definitely do a trip of this kind one day.

    Wojtek 34yo
    Lisa 8 yo
    Zuzanna 6 yo


  2. Thank you for sharing Shara! It brought back many memories of all those beautiful countries. I feel the need to pack a toothbrush and hit the road again :).

    • And so go! I’ve been back countless times since that trip. Can’t get enough of it. Thanks for following the journey. On it goes…

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