Expedition 2013: Kenya to Cape Town

After three years of planning, I tied up my business in London, did final preparations on the Land Cruiser and put it onto a cargo ship bound for Mombasa. That was after the Arab Spring threatened almost every route option and a handful of crippling incidences prevented me from leaving London with my convoy, dashing my dreams from driving the full length of London to Cape Town. Determined to do what I could to salvage the trip, the decision was made to drive from as high up as possible, on my own. Mombasa was the first safe port, and I was reunited with my Beast after six weeks. Loaded up and with the sound advice of local Kenyans, I headed south on a solo overlanding journey of a lifetime.

Disaster strikes more than once and a near fatal accident puts an almost certain end to the expedition. A potential highjacking, finding paradise, vehicle repairs, gorillas, rafting, near escapes, getting sick and living off mangoes – it all makes for one hell of an adventure!

This is my journey…

Whilst these posts speak more from the day to day life of the expedition, there is far more useful information for those wishing to plan a similar venture.  All photo albums can be found on the Under African Skies facebook page.

SHARA ARRIVES IN CAPE TOWN!UPDATE: 9 months after my journey started, I pulled into Cape Town. Tanned and happy, after living day to day in the most simple form, I have never felt more free, more alive and more content with life. I think about this trip and about the possibilities for more adventures daily. Dream big and go for it!

6 Comments on “Expedition 2013: Kenya to Cape Town

  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award. The link is here: http://headoverheels2014.com/2014/03/05/inspiration/. You are inspiring to me, because I’m going to be driving a 4×4 for the first time ever, across countries I’ve never been to, as support for my friend’s run. But you make it look like loads of fun and I’m really grateful for your paperwork visa’s page. Aysha

    • Wow Aysha, that’s incredible! All the best to you. I will continue uploading information as I go so keep following. Best of luck with the prep and be safe!

      • Shara can you please contact me. I’m the girl you described when you were in amboseli, the wedding couple and salim. I’ve a terrible story to tell you and i hope you can help me.

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